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My dolly snapshots for the day! Slowly getting a bit more time to play with Reimi and agh she’s so precious! Folklore also got some new socks from rRabbit that I’m very pleased with! :) Operation Dark Mori is in motion!

Things are starting to normalize a bit, though I’m still busy. I hope to get some proper photos of my ladies soonish and start picking up some projects I’ve had on hold. But for now I have a few things in the mail which is something to look forward to after a roller-coaster of a month.


" Wherever you are in your journey, just know that you have to keep going. One step after another, one brick on top of another, you will build the work you have envisioned. You’ll hit obstacles along the way. It’s inevitable. In regards to my work, not everyone will approach you in a collaborative spirit, not everyone will give you credit as they use your work as a springboard to boost themselves, and you have to decide what your response is going to be. Honestly, the way I think about it is just—face your work. If others want to conduct themselves without integrity, that’s their business. Continue in a spirit of generosity and openness. "

Quick one of Reimi :)

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I desperately want some darker Mori girl clothes…

I can’t sew worth shit and don’t realistically have the time, but I’m going to have to start getting creative.

言の葉の庭 | The Garden of「Words」

Argh omg, this movie has so many fucking gorgeous animated details!! <3

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