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Takato Yamamoto 

I love his work so much.


Kōyu Shurei. Alichino, 1998.

I haven’t been too well, but I gathered up some energy to paint a pair of Chimera’s nails. I went for a gunmetal metallic look and I’m pretty happy with the results! :) 1 set down, 2 more hand sets to go~

I’ll take better photos later.



The best dolls for me are the ones I send out for a custom face-up. I don’t bond with any other dolls as much. As an artist, myself, I know how hard it is to accept commissions for something you mainly do for fun. It’s a lot of pressure, and difficult overall, to paint someone else’s expensive doll. I’d like to say thank you to the face-up artists that stay faithfully open for business. If it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t love my dolls as much as I could.

Image by BJDConfessions

Fable: You may fool our audience with your overly sweet looks but not me. And if you do not remove your claws from my leg—

Myth: *interrupts* Whatever do you mean my sour face?! And oops, my hand must have slip. Heeeeh!!

Fable: *grumbles* …What a load!

Just being silly and having some fun with these two. 

My blue lady