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Chimera’s gorgeous outfit from Little Moda finally arrived today! I couldn’t be happier with it! ^__^ The quality and details are beautiful and so well made. I love her work!

Anyway, here are a few quick pics of Chimera before she takes off to AngelToast. The lighting was a bit dull but ah well. And yes, she’s sitting on that tiny MSD stool, lol! Also a size comparison shot with Folklore. :)

Also on my flickr.

I received some good news earlier today! My package that I was afraid of being lost is at the local post office! Hurray!!! I just have to go pick it up tomorrow! I’m so relieved. :D Also, I’ll be sending Chimera off for a face up this week! Reimi will also be tagging along for a little nose job, lol. ^__^

I felt like letting her hang around while I work on some things. Though her eyes are silently judging me…

She’s patiently waiting to be inked :)


I swear there is a mail monster that eats packages…

Welp, I think the postal service monster gobbled my package! YAY!!!

It’s been over a month and nothing! And forget getting any kind of help from the post office when they are suppose to update the tracking number!!! >:( 

The seller has been really sweet though and I’m hoping she’ll be able to remake it. I feel bad she lost her product in the mail too. :( Ugh, I keep hoping it will show up but I think it’s long gone…

I’m bummed because it was for Chimera and perfect for her character! It was really one of the few things I’ve been looking forward to lately, urgh! T__T

I took Folklore and Rowan outside for some camera time yesterday. Though I wimped out because it’s still cold and windy here. They look pleased to finally get out of my boring room for a short while. XD

more on my flickr.

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If Reimi was a real? XD

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Fox kits annoying their mother.

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Inkyghosts (Chanel)’s dolls just make me smile. Truly beautiful dolls! Keep at it, Chanel!


Aww wow, thank you so much anon!!! This really brightened up my day! ♡ I’m happy that they make you smile too! :D

Finished chalking Folklore’s wig and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I think it turned out well and I honestly didn’t realize how simple it is to do! A very fun and simple project that I think anyone could do. Plus if you goof up, it should come out with simple soap and water. It’s also nice knowing that I can now easily touch up my gradient style wigs that I’ve purchased from Leekeworld and also create my own color combinations.

I sealed the color with a hair dryer on low/medium heat with a very light amount of hair spray and softener. I wanted to avoid any product build up and the wig feels the same as before so I don’t have any stickiness. So far it hasn’t rubbed off on Folklore or her clothes (or me). :D

I have no idea how long this will actually last, so I’ll have to keep track of that as time goes on. I don’t expect it to be permanent since these non toxic chalks aren’t meant to be. But it’s so easy to do that I’m not worried about touching it up in the future. Definitely going to get more colors and another wig to chalk soon! ^_^

I’ve also made a video over on my YouTube channel.

Please keep in mind I only tried this out on a whim, so I’m still learning. I’d be happy to answer any questions the best I can. ^_^