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Fox kits annoying their mother.

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Inkyghosts (Chanel)’s dolls just make me smile. Truly beautiful dolls! Keep at it, Chanel!


Aww wow, thank you so much anon!!! This really brightened up my day! ♡ I’m happy that they make you smile too! :D

Finished chalking Folklore’s wig and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I think it turned out well and I honestly didn’t realize how simple it is to do! A very fun and simple project that I think anyone could do. Plus if you goof up, it should come out with simple soap and water. It’s also nice knowing that I can now easily touch up my gradient style wigs that I’ve purchased from Leekeworld and also create my own color combinations.

I sealed the color with a hair dryer on low/medium heat with a very light amount of hair spray and softener. I wanted to avoid any product build up and the wig feels the same as before so I don’t have any stickiness. So far it hasn’t rubbed off on Folklore or her clothes (or me). :D

I have no idea how long this will actually last, so I’ll have to keep track of that as time goes on. I don’t expect it to be permanent since these non toxic chalks aren’t meant to be. But it’s so easy to do that I’m not worried about touching it up in the future. Definitely going to get more colors and another wig to chalk soon! ^_^

I’ve also made a video over on my YouTube channel.

Please keep in mind I only tried this out on a whim, so I’m still learning. I’d be happy to answer any questions the best I can. ^_^


Playing with some non-toxic hair chalks. This is exactly the same process Leekeworld does for their gradient art wigs. A fun and simple doll project, so I can feel like I’m making some kind of progress on them. :)

I know…more Folklore spam, but I can’t help it! Hopefully I’ll get to do an outdoor shoot now that the weather is getting nicer. :)

Now to go chalk her hair for an extra pop! Yipppppy pigment *rolls in color* (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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Last photo session before her makeover begins! :3

I’m excited and nervous! Every doll is a collaboration and I enjoy that process so much in this hobby. Something I rarely get to do IRL. Having someone else paint my doll is like owning a little painting by them. I guess I’m weird like that, but I cherish those things. She was also my first doll I ever got painted, so many thanks to Andreja for bringing my cotton candy haired girl to life! Haha, ok I’ll stop getting all sappy on you guys! ^_^

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Howdy doll peeps! I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning so I can move forward on Reimi’s makeover. Incase anyone is interested, I’ve shared sales links below. It will redirect to Doa MP. Please also feel free to check out on my Flickr as well! Thanks : )

Leekeworld Wigs

Slim MSD/Minifee flats - GONE

A little Fable spam for Throwback Thursday since I was re-editing.

Ichigo Bun (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

Playing dress up games and daydreaming about Reimi’s makeover.

I’ve never reveled what Reimi’s totem is because I’ve been a tad stuck on further developing her character and writing her 10 facts. Though it may have been obvious that she is a rabbit. Maybe? Anyway, now that I’m set on a makeover the wheels are slowly turning on how to further improve her story. It will be a long process, but I think she deserves it! :)